Nowadays, there are so many beautiful cities to visit and explore as more and more countries recognized and legalize gay marriage or civil union.

Either you look for crazy nightlife in cities like London, Bruxelles, Paris, or Berlin, a city-break in historical places like Athens or Rome, a city break is an excellent opportunity to escape from the daily routine and refill your battery with great vibe and memories.

A city like Prague, Venice, Gent, Amsterdam is just great also for a boat trip. Gay men can now have fantastic gay city-break in places with a beach, especially for those who love swimming or lazy on the beach in destinations like Barcelona, Marseille, Nice, and Malaga. One of the perfect spots for gay fashionistas will be Milan and Paris.

What if I like mountains? Well then, some of the best city-break options for gay travelers can be Salzburg, Innsbruck, Bergen, or Geneva. Another great experience for gay guys during winter can be Rovaniemi, the Santa Claus village, one of many gay men’s biggest dream in childhood. For a few days, you will fall in love with Lapland.

I think gay tourism is still undeveloped; even the LGBT Community contributes quite a lot to tourism nowadays and loves to travel. However, we still have choices; we may need to make our voice more potent in the hospitality industry.

Popular City Breaks

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