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Holidays4men welcomes you to suggest sunny places where you can relax, have fun, and make new friends as much as possible.

Best City Breaks For Gay

Holidays4men suggests some gay or gay-friendly cities to explore, whether you’re going for fun or sightseeing, alone or with gay friends or other men

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The mountains always have something to offer, and whether it is summer or winter, there will always be outdoor activities. Whether we are talking

Best Gay Honeymoon Spot

Crete is one of the more beautiful Greek islands less known as a destination for men but can still offer you an unforgettable holiday. Sandy beaches, stunning and beautiful landscapes, the colourful Mediterranean and Aegean Sea, gathered together with an open-minded lifestyle could be your next holiday destination

Barcelona is a busy European city, with many gay tourists coming for business, shopping, or nightlife.

This gay city has a friendly and warm atmosphere with hot weather and the Mediterranean Sea. Which will make it unique in the European gay scene

Nice is a beautiful city located on the French Riviera, on the Mediterranean Sea.

 It is one of the gay cities in France that can be perfect for both a city break and a sunny holiday…also gay beaches in Nice. 

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Monaco is a beautiful luxury place where many people, including the gay guys, like to show off their luxury cars, yacht, and clothes in one hand. And another hand, full of tourists coming for a day trip, mainly from Nice, which has a beautiful gay life( train and bus will take you there in 30 min up to1h). Gay life in Monte Carlo or the gay scene in Monaco is tranquil. Therefore I recommend this place if you love the luxury gay style or want to relax walking around enjoying the breath-taking views. Monte Carlo Casino may be one of the main attractions for gay men who like casinos and meet VIP-s worldwide. If you see yourself the type of man who wants to have a relaxed few days, you can stay in Monaco.


Barcelona is so fucking gay… 

For me, It was my first time there, not the last time for sure…

This gay city has everything in one … hahaha … 

This Catalan city has Amazing gay nightlife, great beaches included a gay beach (naked one), many fashion brands, of course, luxury one. 

Barcelona is for everyone, whether gay, lesbian, or heterosexual … you’ll be welcome.

Barcelona is a busy European city, with many gay tourists coming for business, shopping, or nightlife.


Lisbon is a charming city detached from another world, and I really like it for a city break. It is a gay city that relaxes and makes you feel good at the same time. One of the reasons may be sunny weather almost all year round, or the Brazilian influence thought at every step.

The capital of Portugal, Lisbon, is an immaculate and safe city for the gay community that offers a beautiful landscape. 

The streets that rise or disappear on the endless hills, the colorful buildings, the blocks with the clothes hanging on the window or the balcony all seem unique in Europe. 

The old and colorful trams that go up or down hills frighten you.

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