Best Gay Honeymoon Destinations 2021

Gay marriage starts to become more and more popular as many countries begin to recognize and legalize it. Love is love, and therefore anyone has the right to be happy and fulfill their life.

A gay wedding, I firmly believe, is an important event for most of us, if not for all gay men. A honeymoon will be the best way to celebrate your wedding and relax after all. Each gay couple has a different financial situation; some have more money; some have less money; however, this doesn’t mean you can not have a honeymoon. There are many beautiful places in this world to make a memorable experience for you and your partner.

Gay Honeymoon – Memorable Experience!

Destination as Spain, Italy, and Greece (Europe), Thailand (Asia), U.S. and Mexico (American Continent) offer great deals for accommodation from budget to most luxurious hotels. Either you choose an economy ( at really affordable prices in Europe) class, or first class flight is all depending on your option; gay couples should have one thing in mind ” honeymoon is about a memorable experience.”
Nowadays the most expensive things we buy are not always the best quality product we have on the market.

Luxury should be about unique moments and should be about things to fulfill our lives and make us remember most pleasantly.

We run down our favorite LGBT honeymoon destinations where you can whisk your husband on the holiday of a lifetime.

Travel advise during COVID 19 time!

Travel advise during COVID 19 time!

Travel and tourism have been one of the most hit sectors by COVID19. Many countries have different rules and conditions to enter in this pandemic time; that’s why it is important to often check the government or embassy notification to avoid inconvenience.
However, few important things to stop spreading the COVID 19 Virus are wearing a face mask in all public transport; some countries ask you to wear face at all the time( once you been out of your house).
Washing our hands and use hand sanitiser gel is also another important advice to stop COVID 19. Let’s keep ourselves safe and loves one safe. One day we will get back our freedom.

STOP COVID 19 – Face Mask!