Spain is a southwest European country with a capital city in Madrid, and I think it is the most welcoming gay (LGBT+) country in Europe.

This lovey gay country, Spain, has one of the largest gay communities in Europe; therefore, I think it is one of the world’s safest gay countries and perfect for a gay honeymoon. You will have so many beautiful places with fantastic beaches and breathtaking landscapes in Spain, which will make your honeymoon more unique and memorable.

Spain is for all gay couples looking to celebrate their gay marriage in the most luxurious gay resorts up to the affordable gay hotel. Gay nightlife is just super, with parties from early in the evening till early in the morning will add more joy to your honeymoon if this is also what you want.

Spanish gay honeymoon destinations:

Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Gay honeymoon destinations – Gran Canaria


Gay honeymoon destinations – Sitges!


Gay honeymoon destination – Ibiza!